Halleh's Summers in Marbella, Spain

Halleh and her family first started vacationing in Marbella, Spain more than 25 years ago when they still lived in Europe. They now consider the coastal city to be their home away from home. In this interview, Halleh provides a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to enjoy a Spanish summer getaway and how it inspires her.

What are some of your favorite things about spending time in Marbella? Can you describe the mood and atmosphere?

Marbella is located in the south of Spain, where the tip of North Africa can be seen on a clear day. It’s an enchanting beach town where one can feel/see the influence of the Moors from centuries past. I love the warmth of the people from the south. Their hospitality and their way of being is very different from northern Spaniards. The Mediterranean lifestyle rules down South: late lunches are followed by siestas and even later dinners as the sun sets close to 10pm in high summer.

How does it compare to other places you've traveled?

Summer in Marbella is marked with the perfect climate. Rarely do you have such consistency in weather in places like the South of France. Plus, it’s a large enough city where one can enjoy a variety of activities. I never get bored here.

What are the best things to see in Marbella?

Casco Antiguo or the “Old Town” is a must. Plaza del los Naranjos holds court in the center. It’s the main courtyard encircled with orange blossom trees. From this courtyard you’ll find tiny alleys that branch off into different directions, leading to other satellite courtyards. My favorite church is here.

Where are some of the best spots to eat and drink?

It all depends on what you feel like. We have top restaurants like Nobu Japanese as well as smaller, sleepy beach-side restaurants that offer the freshest seafood served on a paper linen-covered dining table. It's basic but truly what I prefer.

How does your time in Marbella influence your creative process?

Even though it's so hard to disconnect from social media these days, I try to tap into the local lifestyle and spend more time connected to the outdoors, beach, hiking, and just enjoying time with friends. This disconnect revitalizes my creativity by allowing me to think outside the box. It’s my lifeline.

Are there any HALLEH fans and collectors in Marbella?

We do have some HALLEH fans here in Marbella, and they tend to lean more toward collecting my gold or pearl items.

Are there any hot jewelry trends in Spain right now?

Gold chains are a hot trend, but I think we find that on a global scale.

What are some of your essential tips for styling jewelry, both for Marbella beach days and nights out?

I love mixing color in the summer, especially on my neckline with multiple length necklaces. I love mixing emerald green gems and precious turquoise, since they resemble the color of the Mediterranean Sea. Also, hoops on the ears - both small and large - are a must! I will be wearing my Spikey Pearl Hoops in both sizes for a light and flirty summer style. One of my ears will also be capped with our Diamond Baguette Ear Cuff for sure.