Celebrate Cancer Zodiac Season

Cancer season has arrived. The sun takes its annual trip through the sentimental, nurturing water sign from June 21 - July 22, so anyone lucky enough to be born between these two dates is considered a “Cancer” or “Cancerian.” We’re welcoming Cancer season by sharing some interesting details about this zodiac sign. Read further to learn all about the unique qualities that the Cancer sign possesses.

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and represented by the sea creature the crab. With a hard shell that keeps it safe, the crab embodies protection. Cancers gravitate towards things that make them comfortable or give them a sense of security. This sign is soft and sensitive on the inside and is only willing to be vulnerable with those who make them feel at home. Connecting with a Cancer may initially be difficult, but once they've opened up, they're the most loyal, loving, and protective people who deeply cherish their family members and close friends.

Water signs like Cancer are known for being deeply connected to their emotions and are a very empathetic group. Cancer is typically an emotional, sensitive, caring, and nurturing individual. Ruled by the moon, this sign also possesses a feminine and nurturing energy. The moon is associated with feelings, and this celestial body rules the Cancerian’s intuition, emotional makeup, and moods. Due to the range of emotions they deeply feel and experience, Cancers are known for their “crabbiness” or quick-and-easy mood changes.

For Cancers, thoughtful surprises matter. They love to be indulged and cared for, and they love doing the same for family and best friends. They're no strangers to indulging themselves, but they do love to be spoiled by others. Cancers enjoy any special opportunity to get dressed up and look their best.

A few Cancer celebrities embody the sensitive, caring, and nurturing qualities that are associated with this zodiac sign. For example, the musician Lana Del Rey (born June 21, 1985) is not one to hide her feelings. Her poetic and nostalgic music reflects Cancer energy. She even references her sun sign, mentioning “Tropic of Cancer” in her song "Tomorrow Never Came". Actress Meryl Streep (born June 22, 1949) embodies an emotional nature that has helped her achieve her status as an iconic actress. Her ability to relate and connect to all her different roles makes her characters feel real and believable. In addition, Princess Diana (born July 1, 1961) was known for truly being down to earth. This notable Cancer was even known as the People’s Princess due to her ability to deeply connect with others.

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