A Note from Halleh

In 2006, I found myself at a crossroads in life. I had been working in the fashion industry, in the wholesale, ready-to-wear business at Chanel. With a dream of becoming a yoga instructor, I briefly left New York City for India.

While there, I visited The Gem Palace - one of the most respected jewelry houses in Jaipur - and immediately knew that I wanted to enter the world of jewelry.

Upon my return home, I began taking local jewelry-making classes and then traveled to India again to learn the craft of goldsmithing. During my month in India, I learned how to be a bench jeweler.

In 2010, I launched my first collection, which was stocked by retailers like Net-a-Porter, The WEBSTER, Just One Eye, and others. As my business grew organically, so did my designs and my production practice.

My style is more conversational. I’m playful, toned-down, and relaxed, and my designs reflect that sensibility. I need to be comfortable. When I’m comfortable, I feel the most confident. I want you to feel the same way when you wear my creations.

About Us

The word HALLEH is a variation of “Haleh”, which means “halo around the full moon” in Farsi. It’s also the name of designer and founder Halleh Amiralai, who launched her first collection in 2010 and has been creating elegant and sophisticated fine jewelry ever since. All our pieces are handcrafted in New York City with 18K gold and gems like diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires.

Our Mission

We’re committed to offering our customers elevated fine jewelry with a distinctive point of view. We believe that fine jewelry is timeless, so we produce with integrity and mindful craftsmanship. Comfortable and easy to wear, our pieces are meant to be enjoyed for life. Our gemstones are ethically mined, and we always prioritize sustainability in our sourcing.

Our Inspiration

An avid traveler, Halleh brings a global perspective to each of her designs, and her worldly upbringing also informs her work. She was born in Iran, but she and her family left the country during the Iranian Revolution in the late 1970’s and then lived in Germany for a couple of years before moving to Houston, Texas. She attended college in Boston and eventually settled in New York City, where she’s lived since 1998. In Manhattan, she can be inspired by anything at any time, from faces on the street to the urban skyline.

Our Accolades

HALLEH has been seen on celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Allison Williams, and Scarlett Johansson and has been featured in top publications including Women’s Wear Daily, W Magazine, ELLE, and Vogue.