Fête Worthy: Styling Your Holiday Looks With HALLEH

As invitations for holiday parties and special events begin to fill our calendars, we’re seeking creative new ways to elevate our look and keep it fresh. Get ready for fabulous festive soirées by accessorizing your existing wardrobe with some eye-catching jewels. After all, jewelry sparkles the brightest during the holidays.

Read further to discover some of our top picks for fine jewelry that will have you feeling glamorous all season long.

Enamel Jewelry

Depart from your usual with elevated fine jewelry interlaid with enamel. Accessorizing with chic, enamel jewelry from our Echo Collection will add a whole new layer of glam to your festive look.

The collection features styles with interlaid black or white enamel in gold, paired with the finest, hand-selected emeralds and white diamonds for a high finish. Whether you’re staying in or going out, our gold and enamel pieces will get you excited about dressing up for the holidays.

Cocktail Rings

This season, let your fingers do all the talking. Cocktail rings are the “it" thing right now, no matter the occasion. Even better, these bold conversation worthy rings are known to be synonymous with the holidays, making them the perfect accessory for day into evening dinner parties and events. With your fingers wrapped around a cocktail, it only makes sense to layer up our digits in the most beautiful of jewels. They always say "more is merrier", and we’re taking that to heart.

The Eternal Coil Ring, our must-have ring, will catch all the attention. With three dazzling pear shaped diamonds, it is the perfect nesting ring when doubled up.

Bold Bangle Bracelets

Versatile and elegant, bangles add a touch of glamour to anything you pair them with. Worn alone or stacked with others, the styling opportunities are endless.

Cheers in style with our Eternal Door Knocker Bracelet, a sophisticated jewelry piece perfect for the holidays. This bracelet is the epitome of easy glamour with its enamel details and shimmering diamond pave. Wear this elegant bracelet to your next dinner party and pair it with your favorite, festive dress and a glass of champagne for an eye-catching look.

This easy-to-wear cuff is sure to elevate your holiday outfits. Crafted to fit comfortably on your wrist, our Grande Door Knocker Cuff is a stunning statement piece that will surely be a conversion starter.

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are a seasonal favorite that can be dressed up or down. They offer an easy way to change up your look when you’re headed from party to party. However you style them, standout statement earrings make for a fashion-forward and polished look especially when you’re bundled up for the season.

Our 18K Door Knocker earrings are perfect for any holiday occasion, whether it be festive parties or ringing in the new year. Pair these earrings with an oversized sweater and trousers for a casual look, or style them with your favorite dress or blouse for a more formal approach.

How will you be styling yourself into the holiday season? Shop the entire Echo Collection here.