HABespoke: 18K Gold Bangle Redesign

Halleh loves creating bespoke fine jewelry for her clients when given the opportunity. Recently, she redesigned an heirloom 18k Yellow Gold hinged bangle to make it feel more modern and personal. Continue reading to learn more about the custom design process and view images from every step of the journey.

Halleh's client presented her with a simple bangle as a blank canvas to work with (pictured below). As you can see, it's elegant and timeless yet lacks personality.

First, Halleh suggested a few creative ideas to update the bangle. One of those ideas included the hand etching of a design pattern, which would be enameled and embellished with white diamonds. Her client loved this idea and decided to move forward with the custom update.

Next, the approved design and the bangle were sent to Halleh's engraver, who marked the rhombus shapes on the gold surface. You can see the engraved bracelet in the photo below.

Once the engraving was complete, the bracelet along with the diamonds were sent to Halleh's artisan jeweler for some sparkling embellishment. The stone setter worked hard on setting the diamonds and carving out the spaces that would be filled with white enamel. Please see the image below.

Next, the bangle was sent to Halleh's polisher for a high-gloss polish that makes the bracelet shine brilliantly. The final step - cold enamel technology that utilizes epoxy enamel resin, a hard-wearing and versatile material for beautiful enameling. You can see the enamel in the photo below.

The client chose white enamel because she's already a collector of HALLEH jewelry and wanted to coordinate with her other enamel collection pieces. What do you think of the piece on the wrist?

To inquire about HALLEH’s Bespoke services, kindly contact info@halleh.com. What is collecting dust in your jewelry box?