Halleh's Favorite Pearl Jewelry Looks


Those born in the month of June are lucky to claim the pearl as their traditional birthstone, but anyone - regardless of their birth month - can be a pearl lover.

Pearls are a very rare and quite unique gemstone, as they are the only gem material formed from the sea and found within a living creature, a shelled mollusk. Unlike other gems that need to be cut or polished before use, pearls require no special cutting or polishing to maximize their enchanting beauty. Pearls are glistening ornaments that are stunning in the way they naturally form.

This unique gem is known to symbolize the beauty that comes with earned wisdom and resilience. The versatility of pearls empowers women to create their own style statements. A symbol of elegance and great taste, pearls have been a staple piece for some of the most powerful and iconic women throughout history, including royals like Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton, actresses like Audrey Hepburn, and leaders like Jackie Kennedy, who once famously said, “pearls are always appropriate!”. Pearls have also been celebrated in some iconic and highly-recognizable pieces of art, including Vermeer's "Girl With a Pearl Earring".

Are you looking for ways to wear pearls more often? With summer right around the corner, we’re celebrating the charming June birthstone by sharing some style tips on how to wear pearls for any occasion and mood.

Halleh loves dressing up t-shirts and jeans by adding some pearls for a casual-chic and effortless style. She loves how the Princess Pearl Earrings offered in 18K yellow Gold or rose gold - and accentuated with princess-cut diamond accents - elevate the simple style of a plain tee and denim.


The collection offers many other pearl options. While the Trillion Pearl Necklace is gorgeous on its own, it can also be styled with other necklaces for a more fashion forward feel. Layering our Trillion Pearl Necklace with our Gemini or Cancer Zodiac Large Link Necklace is the perfect way to celebrate a June birthday.

And who says classic pearls can’t have an "edge"? Halleh’s Spikey Pearl Hoop Earrings available with either white or black diamond accents, create a sleek and untraditional pearl appearance. These earrings transition perfectly from day to night.

Getting ready for your night out? Style your favorite evening ensemble with a pearl necklace or pearl earrings for an effortless chic look. What's your favorite way to wear pearls? How will you be styling your pearls this summer?